Roll Call Bonus Checks To Be Used for Political Campaign Money

Cook County Sheriff Jail Guards have been waiting for their Roll Call Bonus check since December 1, 2018. According to the Teamsters CBA agreement, the jail guards were to get 2 bonus checks annually (June 1st and December 1st). The first one was received (late as usual) but the second one has not. It is now January 08, 2019 and no sign of the bonus. 

Well, now we know why.

The department has announced that they will have to use that money to campaign for the upcoming elections. “These jail guards have to understand, we are more important than them! We need this money to keep our jobs. We have so many cronies to hook up with $100,000/year made up jobs. All those guards do is call in sick all of the time,” stated an unnamed County Board member. 

This board member went on to state that the jail guards will just blow the money on alcohol and gambling.