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Cook County Jail in Chicago, Illinois is the largest mental health institution in the state. Cermak Health Services is the division on the compound which houses the most acute mentally ill inmates. This article is focusing on one inmate who is battling a new mental health crisis. Inmate Jack Mehoff suffers from a condition known as "Paranoid Schizophrenia with Decorum Tendencies". Head Jail Psychiatrist Dr. John Looney has never seen this before. "When Mr. Mehoff first arrived at the jail, he was diagnosed with just Paranoid Schizophrenia. He would act out and do really horrible things that the voices were telling him to do. Now the voices are telling him to behave and act kindly. No one at the jail is comfortable with this. It is really against the norm." Lt. Willie Stroker is not sure how to handle this. "I'm so used to bribing inmates with honey buns and McDonalds. When they disobey and hurt our staff we give them stuff to make them behave. With Mr. Mehoff, I feel completely useless." LNN tried to convince Lt. Stroker that he was completely useless before Mr. Mehoff developed this condition, but due to his low IQ, he did not comprehend.

Inmate Mehoff is also very concerned about his new mental health diagnosis. "When I get out in the world, how am I going to survive? If these voices keep telling me to behave, I won't be able to rob people and shit! I miss being able to throw shit and piss at the guards. I miss masturbating and exposing myself in front of staff. I miss being babied by the white shirts. I just want to end my life, but the voices won't let me. I used to love jail, but now it has become a living hell!"

Jail Superintendent E. Jack Cullate is very concerned. "I'm am so very worried that this will hurt our customer service ratings. Inmates love it here. Hopefully this won't become an epidemic. If it does, it will become like the old jail where the guards had a high morale and enjoyed coming to work. Inmates never got their way. We can't have that. You are supposed to hate your job. I mean that's why we pay you. Remember, the customer is always right!"

LNN has officially given up all hope for this department.