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Cook County Jail Inmates to Participate In Madden Football Tournament

Inmates in several different divisions at Cook County Jail will be participating in a PlayStation Madden Football Tournament. Cook County Jail spoke person Iam Fulovit announced the tournament earlier this week.

"I really want this to evolve into an international thing but as of now, no other jails want to be included," stated Fulovit. "We are incredibly thankful for the amount of inmates that want to be a part of this. However, it is only available for inmates that have physically or sexually assaulted staff members. We put them in this special program for rehabilitation purposes."

Inmate Jack Mehoff who has been in Cook County Jail since 2012 is a member of this program. "Man, I love it here! I am a repeat sexual offender. That's what put me in this program. Now I have a PlayStation and internet access in my own cell. They are talking about giving me a dog too! I'm really excited about that! I have been stocking up on my commissary peanut butter in anticipation," stated Mr. Mehoff.

Sexual assault on staff members has risen up by 300% since the announcement of this new program. Again this is one of the many reasons here at LNN that we have a petition going around to rename the jail as The Cook County Department of Enabling.