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Cook County Sheriff Home Checks

The Cook County Sheriff's office is now doing home checks on officers when they call in sick. The cost of running this operation is starting to catch up with them. They are pulling sworn staff from the jail to go out to the officers houses to see if they are just playing hooky.  "Not only is this eating gas and putting wear and tear on county vehicles we also have to find coverage for the ones doing the checks,"  stated Jack Goff, Director of enabling inmates. "I have come up with a solution to this problem! We are going to place Electronic Monitoring bracelets on each employees ankle. This way we can keep track of them from a computer." Mr. Goff went on to state that any officer in violation, would be picked up by the EM supervisors. The supervisors will place the offending employee in handcuffs and bring them in to OPR for immediate discipline which can lead to termination. 

In order to keep costs down, all inmates in the electronic monitoring program will be placed on an honor system. In other words, they will just have to promise they won't leave their house. This will allow for the officers to get the ankle bracelets that are currently in use by the EM inmates. "The Administration has come to realize that the inmates are very trustworthy, but those damn jail guards can not be trusted, " stated Jack Goff.