Dumb Donald of fat albert sexually abused by cosby

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Dumb Donald of Fat Albert Fame claims he was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby 

In an exclusive interview with LNN we sat down with Fat Albert star Dumb Donald where he disclosed some very shocking news. The interview was initially setup as a beginning of "where are they now" segment for the cast of Fat Albert which aired from 1972-1985. When the interview started, Mr. Donald was speaking of the early years of filming the Fat Albert series. He was smiling most of the time, but when he got to the 80's era he began to break down. We thought the tears were forming because it brought him back to the cancellation of the show and the end of an era. However, Mr. Donald revealed to us that after a 1983 filming of the show, Bill Cosby invited Mr. Donald over to his place to discuss a spinoff series of Fat Albert which would star Mr. Donald. Donald then spoke of the ordeal:

   "I was so excited to meet privately with Mr. Cosby. I arrived at his place around 7:30 PM. I felt a little uncomfortable when he answered the door in just his robe. We sat down in his living room and he gave me a delicious drink mixed with chocolate mint liquor, Kahlua, Maple Syrup, Chocolate Milk, and crushed ice. I started to feel very drowsy after drinking it. I must of passed out. When I woke up, I was laying on my stomach completely naked except for my pink stocking hat. My hat was so stretched out as if someone was pulling on it from behind me. There were several empty jello pudding packages empty on the floor. I could feel remnants of the pudding in the crack of my buttocks area. Mr. Cosby walked in the room and greeted me. He immediately offered me a jello pudding popsicle. I just wanted to leave. I took the pudding popsicle and went home. I was too ashamed to ever say anything. I have been carrying this for over 32 years. I still have nightmares of Mr. Cosby pounding me from behind saying "Hey Hey Hey" in his Fat Albert voice. I never worked in show business again. When all of these brave women came forward, I knew I had to tell my story."