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Cook County Sheriff's Dept launches new program for female inmates

Prostitution and drugs are the leading cause of women being incarcerated. Today Cook County Sheriff's spokesperson Iam Fullovit has unveiled a new program to help female detainees with this crisis.

Ivanna Cummings has been in and out of Cook County Jail for prostitution and crack cocaine charges since the 1980's.

"A lot of us get frustrated, no job, no money. We just go back to what we know," she stated.

Alexa Fuxalot has spent her entire adulthood experiencing the same cycle of sex and drugs.

"I've been coming here since I was 19 years old. The jail has a program for us, but not for after we are released. So I just go back to suckin dick for drugs."

In a 2 week period after being released from custody, the chances of them dying from an overdose or syphilis goes off the charts!

Cummings and Fuxalot said their extreme horrific looks saves them most of the time, but there are some desperate mother fuckers out there. They hope the county's new program called The Women's Hooker Occupational Recovery Employment Program, also know as WHORE, will end their never-ending cycle for good.

The county stated they will be assigned a case worker known as a Private Intel Management Person (PIMP). This PIMP will smack the shit out of them if they relapse into their old ways.

"We need these girls to get respectable jobs like strippers and massage therapists. This way they can earn an honest living without the temptations," stated an unnamed PIMP.

County spokesperson Iam Fullovit stated this new program will be court ordered and it will not cost taxpayers more money.